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Email Subject Line: You need to remove yoga from your workplace wellbeing plan – Expert opinion

Email: Hi Sascha,

I’m Cheyánne from FidlLeaf, a workplace wellbeing company. With many people heading back to the office, workplace wellbeing is going to be on the minds of employers. Would you be interested in an opinion piece on the following:

Why you need to remove yoga from your workplace wellbeing plan

Our key points are:

  • Yoga can’t complete a burnt out employee’s workload.
  • Yoga can offer a temporary mood boost but doesn’t address specific issues.
  • It’s used by companies to tick a wellbeing box, but is a perk, not a solution.
  • No shade, but no one ever yoga’d their way out of debt…

Our co-founder and workplace wellbeing expert Sophie Coulthard would love the opportunity to share more on the following:

  • What types of wellbeing initiatives deliver higher ROI than lunchtime yoga.
  • The four key drivers of wellbeing in the workplace and low-cost ways to build them into your plan.
  • The top trends in workplace wellbeing for 2021, including stress and resilience workshops and financial wellbeing.

I really hope this idea is of interest and please let me know if you would like more information.
Many thanks,

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